We love spring in the Magic Valley! This is the best way to enjoy spring in Twin Falls.

1.) Walk the College of Southern Idaho campus. 

2.) Ride your bicycle to Shoshone Falls look out!

3.) Kayak in Hagerman or from Centennial Park.

4.) Go fishing in Twin Falls parks, Filer ponds, or Hagerman.

5.) White water raft the Snake River. Water is high in the spring! Make sure you are experienced.

6.) Attend spring events. There are numerous Easter programs, landscape center ladies nights, and car shows. Get outside and support your community!

7.) Ride, walk, or run along the canyon rim.

8.) Base Jump! Just kidding, you should watch first. Then base jump!

9.) Hike! There are a lot of local options. South Hills. Snake River Canyon. Hagerman. Buhl. And so much more.

10.) Get outside. Even if it means sitting on your front porch. Soak up the sun. Your body needs it. XOXO